Fishing day begins with you taking from the Hotel/Appartment and we drive to the  fishing place. Arriving to the shore, preparing the fishing Boat, checking the fishing  and safety equpment. 

Entering the boat and direction to the fishng spots.  Arriving to the fishing area, making the fishing equipment ready and the fishing begins.  How long we stay on one place it deppands how it will be the biting activity of the Fish,  so if the Fish is active we stay, if not we will search new Fishing spot.   

There are more Fishing ways to catch the fish: spin fishing, with artificial or live bait/lure,  fishing on the bottom with different bait, float fishing and trolling fishing. How long will  be the Fishing Day depands how we arranged and from the weather condtions.  

Art of Fish you can catch on Lake Ohrid: Ohrid Trout, Carp, Chub, Barbel, Eel and others. 

Provided Fishing Equipment for all fishing